Man In The Middle Android APK Network Traffic

android apk malware analysis man in the middle
Today we examine how we can Man In The Middle (MITM) Android APK HTTPS traffic for further inspection during a malware analysis session.

What Do You Need For A Career In Malware Analysis?

malware analysis career
Programming languages, tools, degrees, certifications? Here's what you need to begin a career in Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, or Exploit Development.

Obfuscated VBA, Powershell, C#

malware analysis VBA Word Document
VBA Macros remain one of the most prevalent attack vectors to this date. Today we analyze a multi-tiered obfuscated VBA macro that includes VBA, WMI Objects, Powershell, Inlined C#, and an AMSI bypass.

Analyzing Python Malware

analyze python malware
The majority of malware is written in low level languages like C/C++ or Assembly. However, an increasing number of malware authors are opting to convert Python to executables. Today we look at how to triage this type of malware.

Analyzing TLS Callbacks

analyze malware tls callbacks
Ever lost control of a program before the debugger could pause? TLS Callbacks may be old news, but they remain a viable tool still utilized by malware for anti-debugging and other trickery.

Fast and Free Malware Analysis Lab Setup

malware analysis lab setup
How do you get started in Malware Analysis? First, you need an analysis environment in-place to investigate files. Here is the fastest way to automatically setup a Virtual Lab Environment complete with a FREE VM directly from Microsoft and FREE analysis tools.