Godbolt: Your Gateway to Learning Reverse Engineering

Are you interested in reverse-engineering and software security but not sure how to get started? In this article, we'll introduce you to Godbolt.org, a powerful online resource that can be your ally on the journey to mastering reverse engineering.

Best Beginner Reverse Engineer Lab Setup

RETOOLKIT is a tool that can help simplify the challenging task of creating a virtual machine and setting up necessary tools for reverse engineering. It is capable of installing baseline tools in a VM in just 10 minutes, making the process much quicker and more efficient.

Good Faith - Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Changes

This article focuses on recent changes to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) related to good faith security research. The CFAA is a US law enacted in 1986 to combat computer-related crimes, and we examine its evolution and implications for security research.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Crash Analysis

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Crash Analysis
Today we learn how to analyze crash logs and identify the root cause of errors. This process is an excellent way to gain reverse-engineering experience, involving concepts such as memory analysis, calling convention identification, stack-trace analysis, open-source research, and source code analysis.

Man In The Middle Android APK Network Traffic

android apk malware analysis man in the middle
In this article, we discuss how to use Man In The Middle (MITM) on Android APK HTTPS traffic for malware analysis. Intercepting traffic from a malicious Android app can provide crucial information about its behavior and risks. Using MITM Proxy, we explore the benefits of this technique and provide a detailed walkthrough.

What Do You Need For A Career In Malware Analysis?

malware analysis career
Looking to start a career in Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, or Exploit Development? Here are the key programming languages, tools, and educational requirements that you need to know to get started in these fields.